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Sad Story Of A Fallen Tree

I am sad to hear your story

It was a long flight, the bird was too tired. The bird saw the remains of a tree and decided to take some rest sitting on that tree. The bird was curious about the lonely tree in the middle o the river, and started chatting with the tree.

“How come you are standing in the middle of this river? What happened to the rest of your trunk?” the curious bird asked.

Story Of The Tree

“Years ago, I was a big tree, home to hundreds of birds like you. On a fateful day, some people came to me with sharp axes in their hands. I got axed by a fellow. I was not alone when axed. With me, there were hundreds of other trees axed down. I heard people saying that they were building a big dam. Now I found itself surrounded with water when a river changed its route,” said the tree.

“Oh, I am fed up with these humans. They are destroying nature like never before. I am sorry to hear your story. Let’s pray to God to stop all these atrocities humans are doing to us!” said the bird.

Story Discussion

Marcus Chu: The Senior Learner

Marcus Chu: The Senior Learner

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