Story Of A Baby Circus Elephant


circus elephant greets

Hello Kids, I am Jingo a circus elephant.  My mother is also a circus elephant who is in the circus for many years and that’s how I came here. I have been here from my birth. You must have seen in various shows or read about me in the newspaper.

My day starts early in the morning with some warm-up exercises along with other elephants of my age. After that, I get breakfast with plenty of palm leaves and bananas. I love bananas very much. I am the youngest elephant here and everybody like me. I have got all the freedom to go anywhere in a circus tent. After every performance, I used to get a lot of applause from children that I think is my best reward.

My trainer Joe is an enthusiastic young guy. He loves me very much and I love him too. Sometimes training is tough and requires good concentration on the performance to make each show success. During one such training, my friend little Johnny injured falling from a ball. Read that story here.