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Soling A Big Problem

I Have A Complaint

“Hello king, I come here before you with a special request,” said the hippo.

“Yes, Mr. Hippo, what’s your problem?” asked the lion.

“The elephants are creating problems for us. When we are in the river, the elephants come and claim that river is theirs, demanding us to get out of the river. Elephants say they can’t drink water polluted by us,” the hippo said.

“Oh, that’s the case. What time usually the elephants come to drink water?” asked the lion.

“It’s in the evening. Elephants come in a big herd, will be there spending time drinking water and bathing in the river,” said the hippo.

“Ok, I will be there during that time,” said the lion.

The next day, evening, the lion reached the spot. The hippos were in the water. The elephants were also there furious and in a fighting mood.

“Hello friends, I am here to avoid the conflict between you. You hippos are always in the water. Why not just come out of the water and let the elephants in the river. After the elephants finish their time in the water, you can again go into the water,” said the lion.

“Ok, we will do that,” said the hippo.

“Does that make you happy?” asked the lion to the elephants.

“Yes, that would solve our problem,” said the leader of the elephant.

“Yes, we are also in agreement with that suggestion,” said the Hippo leader, and they come out of the water.

All were happy because a big problem was solved. Hippos and the elephants thanked the lion for solving the problem.

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