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Singer Boy And The Cat

You sing great!

The boy was singing a beautiful song in the park, a song he was practicing for the party. Hearing the boy singing, a cat appeared from nowhere. The cat sat near the boy listening to the song. After the boy finished, the cat clapped.

“It was a great song, and you are a great singer. You must be practicing?” said the cat.

“Thank you, Mr. Cat, for those kind words. Yes, I am practicing this song for the party,” said the boy.

“I am a singer too. I sing songs for my newborn babies,” said the cat.

“Wow, glad to meet you, Mr. Cat. Can I meet your newborns?” asked the boy curiously.

“Sure, please come with me,” the cat took the boy to his babies.

Two cute cat babies were playing around. The cat babies were happy to see the boy, and came near him. The boy started playing with the cat babies. He sang songs for the cat family and spent the whole day with the cat family.

When it was time to get back home, the boy asked the cat’s mother whether she would like to live in his house.  The cat mother immediately accepted the invitation. The boy took the cat family to his home.

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