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Rescuing A Baby Bear

Son, please be careful in the water

“Mom, watch me swim! I’m so fast!” exclaimed the baby bear with excitement. The mother bear beamed with pride as she watched her brilliant son glide through the river.

“You are good at swimming, but be careful,” advised the mother bear.

Suddenly, the water level began to rise in the river. Before the mother bear could do anything, the baby bear was drift away by the powerful stream of water. It was raining in the mountain, that caused the river water to overflow. The mother bear was upset and started crying.

“Somebody please help my poor boy. Look at that. He is going away from me,” the mother bear screamed.

A bird flying in the sky saw the plight of the mother bear.

“Don’t worry, mother bear. I will take care of your baby,” said the bird, and she followed the baby bear.

“Hey baby, don’t worry. I will rescue you. Just do one thing. On your way, there is a tree branch hanging into the river. You grab on it,” said the bird.

The baby bear saw the tree branch and grabbed it. Luckily, there was a rock on the side, and he climbed on the rock.

In the meantime, the bird flew back to the mother bear and told her that her baby was safe. Following the bird, the mother bear reached the place where her baby boy was stranded.  The mother bear was greatly relieved when she saw her baby boy safely sitting on the rock.

“Thank you very much, my dear bird. You saved my boy,” said the mother bear. The bird was happy that she could help somebody.

The bears went back to their home happy.

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