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Training The Racehorse

I don't want to hear any excuse, take me for a ride

The cat saw a racehorse resting. “I should not allow that racehorse to take rest,” the cat said to himself and went to the horse.

Arrogant Cat

“Hey, Horse, I am your owner’s pet. I see you are a lazy fellow. You need good training to win the race. Do whatever I command, or you will be asking for trouble,” said the cat arrogantly.

The horse feared that the cat will tell something bad to the master. So he didn’t want to displease the cat.

“Under your service, master,” said the horse.

“Now, take me for a ride as fast as you can,” the cat said and sat on the horse.

“Here you go!” said the horse, and started running. The cat lost its balance and fell from the horse, breaking its leg. The cat cried in pain.

The horse came back. The cat had to walk all the way back with the pain in the leg.

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