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Never Isolate From The Rest Of The Herd

Wow, I can see everything under the sun!

It was hunting time. The tiger climbed on a big tree to watch around. It saw a group of buffalos going to the riverside to drink water. They were going through under the tree the tiger was standing. But there is one problem. Since there were a large number of buffalos, the tiger was confused.

“If I jump upon one of them, all other buffalos will kill me by kicking on me. So I’ll wait,” the tiger thought.

But one buffalo was walking alone, keeping a distance from the rest of the herd. The young buffalo had its own reason to do so. He thought going with other buffalos will take his freedom away. So he walked alone far behind the herd of buffalos.

“Am, here comes my chosen one,” the tiger got ready for the jump when he saw the young buffalo walking alone. When the buffalo came near the tree, the tiger jumped upon it. The buffalo cried for help, but there was nobody to save the young buffalo from the tiger

Moral of the story. Never isolate yourself.

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