Wow, This Police Car


boy and cars

“Wow, this police car looks fantastic,” I thought. I got a remote control along with it. It was a dream come true, I never had a remote control car with me. It was an unexpected gift from my uncle.

My friends admired my collection of toy cars. But one thing my collection missed was a police car. I invited all my friends to see my new toy. All of them liked the new police car, asked me questions like how did I get that and its features. I was proud to have a police car in my toy collection.

One day, after school, when I came home, I was shocked. My favorite police car is missing. Many thoughts came into my mind about the sudden disappearance of the police car. Who is dare to take a toy car and that too a police car? I thought.

I did a lot of searching for the toy car but couldn’t find it. Finally, my mom found it parked near the kitchen. I wondered how the police car managed to get there. I laughed a lot when I saw the remote control near my pet cat. He was the culprit, who managed to get the remote control and played with it. The toy car had fallen from the showcase and drove straight to the kitchen.

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