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Misson Banana, A Monkey Story

I am going to find bananas for my mohter

Once upon a time, a young monkey was living in the forest with its mother. One day, his mother fell sick. She called her son.

“Son, I am very sick. I feel like eating a banana. Can you please bring me a banana? I hope eating bananas will get me good health,” said the monkey’s mother.

“Sure, Mom. Here I go,” said the monkey. Immediately, started his journey to find the banana. He knew a place where good bananas were growing.

The monkey jumped from one tree to another. On the way, a lion saw the monkey.

“Hey, where are you going? Come with me. We can play,” said the lion.

“I am sorry, Mr. Lion. I have to go. I am on a mission to find some bananas for my sick mother,” said the monkey, and jumped to the next tree.

On the way, several animals requested to play with them. But the monkey had the same reply that he gave to the lion.

Finally, the monkey reached the place where the banana was growing. He picked a ripe banana, a bright yellow one. With the banana, he reached his home.

“Mother, here is your banana. Eat it, and get well soon,” said the young monkey.

“Thank you, son, for bringing me this banana. I know how much risk you have taken to get the banana. May god bless you,” said the mother.

The young monkey was happy to hear those words and went out to play with his friends.

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