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Missing Diamond Necklace

Who has taken it?

The entire forest was shocked to learn that the Diamond necklace of the Lioness was stolen. The news spread like a wildfire. The Lioness was upset, the Lion King was, and the entire forest was upset. The lion roared, asking the anonymous culprit who had stolen the diamond necklace to return it.

The Fox detective was summoned by the lion to find the stolen necklace. The fox detective was well-trained and had an eye for details. After inspecting the lion’s cave, the detective fox started to search for the missing necklace.

The fox questioned every animal he came across. He was determined to trace the diamond necklace. But he didn’t get any clue. His time was running out. If the fox couldn’t find the diamond necklace, the lion king would kill him. (to be continued)

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