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Misguided Fox And His Adventures

Wow, Nice House!

The rabbit was returning home after a day’s of hard work. It was a hectic day for the rabbit collecting some carrots for the next day’s party, The rabbit was arranging a big party for his friends and their family.

On it’s way back home, the rabbit was spotted by a fox. The rabbit also saw the fox, but pretended he didn’t see the fox. The fox was silently following the rabbit, who was going to his home.

Finally, the rabbit reached his home. The fox was watching from a distance. All the fox wanted was to get inside the rabbit house. The fox dreamed of getting all the rabbits inside the house and waited for the door to open.

The rabbit knocked at the door. A few seconds later, the door was opened. Even before the rabbit could enter his home, the fox jumped into the rabbit house. As soon as the fox entered the house, the door was closed. There was a huge sound and loud cry from inside the rabbit house.

The door opened again. A badly injured fox came out. Do you know what happened? The rabbit played a nasty trick on the fox. Knowing that he was followed by the cunning fox, the rabbit went straight to the house of a bear and knocked on the door. When the fox jumped inside the house, the bear and his family gave a nice treat to the fox.

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