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Lucy The Rabbit And Her Whistle

I am in deep trouble!

Lucy the rabbit saw something terrible. It was willy, the fox standing before her. Lucy couldn’t move. She was frozen with fear. Something needs to be done faster before the fox lay its hand on her.

Lucy had a whistle given by her friend, the elephant. Her friend had promised Lucy that if he hear the whistle, the elephant will come to help her.

Lucy whistled. The elephant, who was grazing in the meadows with its friends heard the whistle.

“Hey, my friend Lucy in trouble. I have to rush to help her,” he told to his friends and rushed to the place he heard Lucy whistling.

When the elephant came, he saw the fox. The elephant understood why Lucy whistled him. He took the fox by its trunk and threw the fox away. Lucy heaved a sigh of relief. Thanked the elephant for rescuing her.

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