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Kind Hearted Fox

You are so kind!

The animal world is so exciting. Sometimes, unexpected things happen. This story is one such example of a predator turned into a good samaritan

“Be careful not to fall from the tree. If you fall, there are predators who will come and eat you,” the mother squirrel told the baby squirrel.

“Sure, Mom, I will play around without falling down,” said the baby squirrel.

But the tree was slippery due to the rain the previous day. The baby squirrel lost balance and fell from the tree. The mother squirrel screamed for help. The baby squirrel was unconscious.

A fox came by and noticed the baby squirrel. “Hey, here is a helpless baby. I think he fell from the tree,” thought the fox. He carefully picked up the baby and held it in his arms. By that time, the mother squirrel came down and asked the fox to leave her child alone.

“Don’t worry, Mother. I won’t eat this cute baby. You can take him home,” said the fox.

The mother squirrel was happy to get her baby back. She thanked the fox and took her baby. The fox was happy too. “I am also a mother, and I know how a mother loves her child,” said the fox.

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