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Jackal Could Have Spared That Blow

Why you are so sad?

I think something is disturbing you. Hope everybody ok at home,” the lion king asked the deer. Yes, we are ok, but have a problem king, she said. “If you don’t mind, please share your problem with me, let me see I can help you with your problem.” the lion said. “Everyday, a jackal comes and gives us a hard time. He wanted to eat some of our young ones,” she said. “Ok I will handle it, the lion said.”

The lion went straight to the Jackal, asked him why he is hunting the poor deer. But the Jackal replied that it is none of the lion’s business. He also pointed out that he has every right to hunt deers, and he doesn’t need anybody’s permission.

“Are you giving me a threat? the angry Lion delivered a heavy blow on to the Jackal’s head. The Jackal cried in pain and begged for lion’s mercy. He said that he will not disturb the deer anymore. “Now you are smart, if you had this thought earlier you could have spared that blow. Next time, see whom you are talking to,” the lion said. “Ok sir, it’s my mistake,” saying that Jackal vanished deep into the forest. Deer was happy about the king’s help, and thanked him profoundly.

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