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We Are A Happy Bird Family!

Where is your father?

“Mom, we are hungry, please go and get us some food,” baby birds were angry because they were hungry. The mother bird was hesitant to go until their father come back, to keep their kids in the safe hands of their father. She is more concerned about her kid’s safety because of an yellow snake living in a hole under the same tree they were living. But their father is not coming in his usual time.

“I don’t know what happened to your father. Hope he is alright,” the mother bird whispered. “I will wait for some more time for your father,” she said to her kids.

After a few minutes, she saw a small dot on the horizon. It was her partner flying from a distance. “Ah, here your father comes, now I can go for getting food with peace of mind,” said the mother bird to her kids. Kids were happy at the happy news. They waited anxiously for their father to feed them. Father bird landed with some food in his beak.

“It was a great today, I found a place where we get lot of things to eat. Look at what I have brought today, plenty to eat, so your mother doesn’t have to go for food,” the father bird declared. The whole family spent the rest of the day happy playing games at their home.

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