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The Turtle Jacket

Wow, You've Got A Fantastic Jacket!

The tortoise was in the land to lay her eggs. She was most worried about the predators spotting her. Suddenly she found herself before a crocodile. The crocodile had a special request for her.

“Ah, there you are Mr. Tortoise, I want a favor from you. You have got a bulletproof jacket, where did you buy that from?” the crocodile envied the tortoise. “Why do you require this jacket? I got it from God, when he created me, he gave this jacket to save myself from predators like you,” said the tortoise. “I need this jacket when I fight with other crocodiles, can you give it to me?” asked the crocodile.

“My jacket is protection from hunters so that I can hide into it when a need arises. But you want to use it for fighting, and that is not acceptable for me. So I can’t give this jacket to you,” said the tortoise.

The crocodile was angry at the tortoise. All of a sudden, the tortoise went hiding into her shell before the crocodile could do anything.

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