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How This Mad Guy Ended Up In A Zoo

The mad elephant finds pleasure ruining others peace of mind

The elephant found enjoyment in making other’s life miserable. Nobody liked him because of his bad behavior. He was so naughty with other animals smaller than him.

The elephant’s favorite pastime was shaking the trees to frighten small birds, and throwing stones at other animals.  Everybody kept a safe distance from him.

The mad elephant finds immense pleaure in ruining other’s peace of mind

One day, as the elephant was walking, he fell into a pit. The pit was dug by some elephant hunters. The elephant cried for help, but nobody did anything to save the elephant from coming out of the pit.

In the evening, elephant catchers came and took the elephant to a zoo. See, how important it is to have a good relationship with others to get help when we need it most.

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