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How Mr. Donkey Got A Good Sleep

I am fed up with these insects

Mr. Donkey is a hard worker carrying goods on its back. He was taking some rest after a day’s hard work. All day, the donkey carried heavyweights on his back to and fro. It was time to get some rest, and a good sleep was in his mind.

But what to do? These insects are a terrible menace, creating problems for the donkey. Whenever the donkey tries to sleep, the insects fly around him and bite him without showing mercy.

“Why are they biting me?” The donkey had no clue.

Then he found out the reason. The dirt on his body is the problem. He decided to clean himself, went to the river, and had a good bath in the river.

“Wow, now I feel much better,” the donkey whispered.

The donkey had a good sleep after the bath. No insects came to disturb him again.

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