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How Little Cat Helped A Buffalo For Her Milk

little cat walking past a buffalo

It was a hot summer afternoon. The lazy cat was sleeping in a cattle shed near a buffalo. Suddenly he woke up and yawned and said to himself, it’s time to drink some milk.

Hey Buff I am going to have some milk from the kitchen.  Do you want some?  The cat asked Buffalo.

Hearing the silly question Buffalo got little annoyed. “Do you know that you and the whole household get milk from me only? You are going to drink my milk from the kitchen. Each time you drink the milk you should remember my service” the buffalo said to the cat.

“I’m grateful to have a friend like you, Ms. Buffalo. You are very kind giving milk unselfish. I want to give something in return for the favor of what you are doing. Let me come back I will take you to a new place to eat out where you will find plenty of tasty grass” cat said. Buffalo was happy so he waited for the cat to come back.

After an hour, the cat returned from the kitchen. Cat took buffalo to eat out to a meadow nearby. It was a beautiful and calm place. There was plenty of grass to eat. After eating the Buffalo thanked cat for introducing him the meadow. “I never had such a satisfying meal like today. Now I can produce more milk” the buffalo thanked the cat.

See how mutual help works out? Find happiness in giving others.

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