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Healing The Lion

Oh, your song makes me feel better!

It was a fine morning in the jungle. Animals were running here and there. But the lion was sitting sadly without going anywhere because of his ill health.

A bird came to see the lion. When she learned about the lion’s ill health, the bird wanted to help the lion.

“Hey, Mr. Lion, don’t worry. I can heal you by singing a song for you, and you will be alright,” said the bird.

“You are so kind to me, little bird. Atleast, you came to see me. I don’t know whether your song will heal me, but I appreciate your helping mentality,” said the lion with tears in his eyes.

The bird sang a good song for Mr. Lion. The song was about love.  The lion enjoyed the song very much.

“You are a talented singer. Your song made me feel a lot better now,” said the lion. The lion asked the bird to come to him every day to sing for him.

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