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Handing Over The Power


Lion king

The king lion was upset that day. He thinks himself being old nobody is taking care of his well being. Years ago he was a strong animal with his roaring that could be heard from miles away. But now things are different. He is getting old other animals don’t fear him anymore. In his young age, he has seen how the old lions dying out of hunger having barely anything to eat.  It’s time to hand over my power to another capable Lion so that I can retire peacefully he thought.

So he searched for a Lion to handover the power. He let other animals know about his decision. One Lion came forward and showed his willingness to become the next king. But the old king put forward a condition. Whoever becomes his successor has to defeat him. Everybody agreed. There was a big fight between the two lions with the dust forming a cloud. Nobody could see what is happening or who is winning. Finally, when the fierce fight was over, they could see the old lion defeated by the younger one. But the old lion was not sorry about his failure. Instead, he was happy to announce the new strong king to the animals.

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