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Green Parrot Diplomacy

Let Me Go For The Party

The green parrot was happy because she got an invitation to a party. The party is at the top of a big oak tree near the river, in a posh locality. She wanted to take something to the party. What gift should I give? She was a bit confused. There was a mango tree, and she went and asked the mango tree whether she can get a mango. The mango tree readily agreed. She plucked a mango from the mango tree and flew to the party.

It was a great party, the food was great. The newborn baby was so cute. Suddenly everybody was silent. A snake who lived in the same oak tree appeared and disrupted the party. I am going to kill you all because you disturbed my sleep,” he said. The birds tried to convince the snake that it was a peaceful party and even invited him to join. But the snake was adamant.

Now that’s called diplomacy! Giving a gift to save the occasion!

So the parrot girl said to the snake. “Look, I have brought something special for you! Taste this mango.” The snake took a bit of the mango, and he found it was very delicious. He loved it and said to the parrot that they are free to party as long as they want. Everybody thanked the green parrot for her timely action, and the party continued lo late in the evening.

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