Green Frog And The Blue Butterfly

green frog blue butterfly

One day a frog happened to see a butterfly. He wanted to eat it, but she was flying away from him. The best thing to do now is to praise her beauty and befriend her, the frog thought. So the frog began to shower all sorts of praises on the butterfly. His plan was to catch the butterfly with his long tongue when the butterfly comes near to him.

“You look stunningly beautiful in that new blue dress,” the frog said. “No, it’s not my dress, it’s my actual color,” said the butterfly laughing at the frog. The frog again told the butterfly that he wanted to befriend the butterfly because she is beautiful.

“It’s not everything in the outer appearance, but it’s the inner beauty that’s valuable. You want to befriend me because I am beautiful outside doesn’t show that you are not in for a true friendship. I am sorry, I am going now,” said the blue butterfly. The frog got a real shock that day, it was the first time his polished hunting attempt fails on a butterfly.


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