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Dad's Son


giraffe laughing at the elephant

“Today I couldn’t find anybody to tell that I am taller. These days I am not getting the special attention I deserve.”
the giraffe thought.

Just then he saw a baby elephant coming on his way. He asked why he is so small? Baby elephant said he is small because he is a baby when I grow old I will be tall like my father.

“But not to my height” Giraffe replied. To that, the elephant said he has no wish to be like a giraffe because he was created for a different purpose by God. “You have a high neck so that you can eat from big trees. But when I grow I can uproot trees with my strength so that there won’t be any trees for you to eat leaves. So be sure to appreciate others and don’t make them feel sorry for their inabilities elephant warned the giraffe”.

I am sorry dear, said the giraffe. You have opened my eyes let’s be friends. So both became good friends.

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