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Frog Matters

Time for the party

Life In A Pond

I love this pond. I was born here and will die here. Even if you offer me a luxurious bungalow, I prefer to stay here! A frog can’t ask for more. Because in a pond, a frog is in good company with other creatures living in the pond.

I know I am not safe here. After all, life is not secured for any frog. One day, I had a narrow escape from the yellow snake, who was trying to swallow me. Thank god, I escaped because something distracted the snake from catching me. Oh, yeah, it was the monkey on that tree who rescued me from the clutches of the snake by creating a strange noise.

Oh, it’s time for me to cry. It’s going to rain. A frog has a great responsibility on its shoulder to inform people before it starts to rain. Gulp, oh, that’s a mosquito. Are you wondering how did I catch that one? Look at my tongue. My long tongue catches the mosquitoes even before it realizes that it is inside me. Here come my two duck friends.  These funny ducks are happy to give me a ride on their back often. I just love it.

Ah, it’s evening. Let me go now. I have a party tonight. I have to practice a song for the party. Good night.

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