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Frog And The Cow

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The cow shook her body. The cow was pested by some mosquitos. The mosquitos were biting her mercilessly, feasting on the cow blood. A frog came that way and saw the cow shaking her body.

“Hey, why are you dancing?” asked the frog, who saw the cow shaking her body.

“I am not dancing. These mosquitos are giving me a hard time. Can’t you see? I am covered with these pesty creatures,” said the cow.

“Don’t worry, Ms, I will solve your problem,” said the frog, and he sat near the cow. With his flexible and long tongue, the frog ate the mosquitos one by one.

“Now you can stop dancing. I have eaten all the mosquitos,” said the frog smiling at the cow.

There were no mosquitos after the frog ate them all. The cow thanked the frog from the bottom of its heart. Cow and the frog became good friends from that day onwards.

Story Discussion

Debi: Good frog helping cow eating mosquitos.

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