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Fooling The Bad Snake

Wow, this is a ready-to-eat stuff

The snake came slowly out of its hole. His target was a baby rabbit hopping around near the tree the snake was living. The snake saw the baby rabbit a ready-to-eat stuff because the snake could easily swallow the rabbit in one go.

The baby rabbit was hopping around, unaware of the danger moving towards it. The snake was very near to the baby rabbit. 

“Hey, baby, look at that, there is a good carrot there,” it was a bird who saw the snake trying to swallow the baby rabbit. The bird wanted to keep the rabbit away from the snake. The baby rabbit jumped to grab the carrot, and the snake lost the baby rabbit. The snake went back to the hole and waited for the next prey.

The bird went to the rabbit. “Hey, you fooled me. There is no carrot here,” said the rabbit.

“I fooled not you but the snake who wanted to eat you,” said the bird. The bird told the baby rabbit everything that happened. 

“Thank you very much for saving my precious baby from the bad snake,” said the baby rabbit’s mother, who overheard the bird talk.

“Oh, I am sorry. I misunderstood you.” the baby rabbit was so thankful to the bird for saving its life.

“Don’t worry. Be sure not to go near that tree where the bad snake lives,” warned the bird.

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