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Flying Tiger

I am not going to leave you!

A tiger had a wild idea. To hunt an elephant. The crazy tiger shared its fantasy with its friends. Some warned him that it is dangerous to hunt an elephant, while other friends asked him to go ahead and prove himself.

So, the tiger accepted the challenge and climbed a big tree. There he waited for an elephant to come. Time ticked away, and the tiger fell asleep. Tiger friends hiding nearby patiently waited for the tiger’s hunting.

After some time, the treetop tiger woke up hearing the elephant’s footsteps. The tiger saw an elephant, a small one, coming on his way. “This is a great opportunity to prove myself. This guy is a small one, I can easily hunt it down,” thought the tiger.

As the elephant reached under the tree where the tiger was sitting, the tiger jumped onto the elephant. The elephant cried for help. The next thing Tiger’s friends saw was a tiger flying in the air.

“Hey, look at that. Our friend is flying in the sky,” the tiger’s friends exclaimed. But it was not tiger flying. The elephant who was attacked by the tiger was accompanied by a herd of big elephants. The herd’s leader elephant took the tiger on its trunk and threw him away.

The tiger fell on a rock that broke its bones. He cried and regretted his action. But it was too late. It took months for the tiger to recover from the injury. From that day onwards, the tiger never faced an elephant in its life.

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