Flying Squad Eelphant

flying elephant
Call Me If You Have A Problem

This flying elephant is working in a flying squad. He gets calls from different parts of the jungle, animals misbehaving, fights, and other small and big issues. He never gets enough time to sleep. Flying round the clock, from one place to another, solving problems between animals, he never gets enough sleep. But he never hated his job, because he loves solving problems.

Today, he got another call from deep inside the jungle about a fierce fight between a lion and a tiger. Both the animals were enemies for a long time, and the lion got angry about the tiger because he encroached his territory. The elephant soon landed in the middle of the fight, asked them to stop fighting. They immediately stopped their fight, because they respected the elephant, stood there anxiously waiting for his decision.

The elephant solved the matter, asked the tiger to go back to his territory, the lion to his territory. He drew a boundary line for both the animals. If they cross the boundary line, disciplinary action would be taken, warned the elephant.

Again he got another call and took off in that direction to solve a new problem. He loves his job as a flying squad member, never tired and always in action. Hope you liked the story about this flying elephant. What do you think he should be doing instead of flying around?


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