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The Black Box


airplane flying over the buildings

Hey kids, I am an airplane flying from continent to continent. I travel long distance carrying passengers traveling for business and holidays. Every day I fly thousands of miles without tiring. My pilots are well trained and manage me to overcome difficult circumstances.

Each airport is different. I love some airport which allows me to land safely. Every time I approach an airport people are anxious about my landing. Ground staff clears everything from my runway and give me the green signal. During the landing, my rear wheels touch the ground first. While taking off, my nose wheel goes to the air first. Landing is the difficult part of my flying. I need to prepare very well before landing. A small error can cause me serious damage.

You know a secret? I keep a diary with me and records everything that is happening during my flight. It is called a Blackbox. My black box reveals everything about me. Where I went wrong and how I fared during difficult climatic conditions etc. After each flight, my Blackbox analyzed. If an accident occurs, my diary comes handy to the investigators.