How Arnold The Elephant Saved His Teeth And His Life


elephant trapped looking for help

Arnold was a strong elephant having a fighting spirit. He always make it a point to fight with other animals. It was his favorite hobby. He saw everybody as his enemy and thrashed them without any mercy. All the animals in the forest feared him. One summer day he was going to the other side of the forest to drink some water. On the way, he trashed one lion and two tigers without any reason just wanted to show them his strength.

After walking for a while he felt something is pulling him down. He couldn’t understand what the hell is going on. Before he could realize it he was trapped in a deep pit hunters dug to catch elephants. He tried hard to come out from the pit. But he couldn’t. Soon he realized that he needed somebody’s help. So he cried louder. But there was nobody to hear him. Time is ticking away and anytime hunters will be back to kill him to remove his valuable long teeth.

A little bird flying that way saw the plight of the elephant and asked him what he is doing in the pit whether he needed any help. Arnold was angry hearing the bird’s offer for help.

“How a small bird like you can help me? Go Away. You are too small to help me”. He said with an arrogant voice. The bird said that only he can help the elephant if he give her an opportunity. He has to decide fast before the hunters are back. Finally, Arnold agreed to cooperate with the bird. So the bird went ahead to some elephants and asked their help. The little bird did a pretty good job in coordinating the rescue effort. The Elephants and bird with the help of a strong rope helped Arnold walk out of the pit.

Moral of the story is this. Stop bullying, never underestimate the strength of others.