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Mission Bingo The cat needs help, and Andrea promised him that she will help to solve his problem.

I’m the best doctor in town, available round the clock for all kinds of treatment. I have been in the medical profession for quite a long time. All sorts of animals come to see me for medicine. You might be wondering how I examine those small animals with this huge stethoscope? It’s just to show that I am a doctor I never use it. It’s not because of any lack of knowledge, but I don’t need it.

Some jealous animals say that I’m not a good doctor. I call them fools, let them come and meet me. I will treat them “nicely”. When I see a patient, I can see what kind of treatment medicines the patient needs almost immediately. I think I am a good doctor because animals come to me for treatment will not come back. Ok, I have some patients, talk to you later.

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