Elephant And The Clouds

happy elephants and the clouds
I See The Clouds, I Hope It Will Rain Soon!

I love to see the clouds in the sky. I know the clouds bring rain. Every time it rains, it makes the rivers filled with water. Makes us happy! Every time it rains, we just enjoy it by standing in the rain. A rain bath, I think no elephants would like to miss that. After the summer, when the rain comes, it means a lot to us, elephants.

You know, we elephants drink gallons of water every day. We can’t survive without water. When the river dries up, we walk miles and miles to find water. I remember walking thousands of miles through the wilderness in search of water some few years back. I think this year, we can stay where we are because I can see two clouds just above me smiling at me.

I think these clouds are happy to come down as rain. “Hello clouds, I welcome you! I hope you will rain soon!”  Hey, here comes more clouds. I am sure it’s going to rain anytime soon. Do you love rain?

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