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Elephant And The Bird

You are safe now, baby

Here is a cute little story of an elephant rescuing a bird from the water and finding her a shelter too!

Tweet, tweet. Someone, please help me from the water,” a bird was crying for help.

The heavy wind has taken down the tree. With the tree, a small bird also fell into the water. The bird was living in the fallen tree. The bird couldn’t swim. What will happen to the poor bird? Is somebody there to rescue the bird?

“Don’t worry, baby. I am here to help,” it was Jingo, a good elephant who saw the poor bird in the water. Jingo rushed to rescue the poor bird and extended his trunk to lift the bird from the water.

“If you were not there, I would have died by now,” the bird thanked Jingo elephant.

“Now, let’s find a good home for you, which no wind can take it down,” said the elephant. The elephant walked, holding the bird on its trunk.

“Here you are! A strong tree that will become your home from today,” the elephant spotted a tree and put the bird on top of the tree.

“I am very grateful for you, Mr. Elepahnt. First, you rescued me from the water. Now you found me a secured home too!” said the bird. The elephant just smiled and walked away.

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