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Elephant And Sweet Water

It's So Sweet!

Water in this river is very sweet and refreshing. It’s different from other rivers in the forest. Last time when I was here, a herd of Lions was drinking water. So I waited patiently for them to finish. Elephants are not friends with Lions, you know about it. I waited patiently to avoid any kind of provocation from my part.

About My Family

I am the leader of a big family of ten elephants, big and small. We make decisions together. Unity is our strength, and we uphold it more than anything else.  My son Jingo is cute and funny. Everybody likes him.

The Changing Seasons

I love winter and hate summer. The problem with summer is that water becomes scarce, leaving us exhausted. Most of our time we spent during summer, moving away from our home in search of water.  Winter is a great time, there would be plenty of water during that season. Anyway, I am glad to meet you. See you later!

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