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The Duck Who Saved The Deer

duck and the deer
Please stay away!

The thirsty deer was in the pond to drink some water. The pond was a beautiful one. The deer thought the water in the pond must be sweet to drink.

There was a beautiful small duck swimming in the pond. “Quack, quack, hey deer, listen. Stop there at once. Stay away from this pond. You don’t know about danger hidden beneath this pond. There is a dangerous crocodile hidden underneath the water. This bad croc has trapped many poor small animals who have come to drink water from this pond.

I warn those animals who come here to drink water. Some listen, and some do not. Those who won’t listen have become food for the croc. I must warn you. Run for your life, or the croc will catch you,” the duck warned the deer.

At once, the deer jumped out of the pond. At the same time, the crocodile came out of the water. The croc just missed the deer. The duck was happy to save the deer from the crocodile.