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Dog And The Baby Bear

Why you sitting here?

Baby Bear came here last night for a friendly visit with his mother. But an unexpected thing happened in the middle of the night, which made the householders wake up. The mother and the baby bear were running. But the baby bear couldn’t make it because of a broken leg.

In morning, a dog saw the baby bear and went near him. The baby bear was weeping because his mother was missing. The dog consoled the baby bear and promised him to help him.

“You don’t worry, baby. I am sure that your mother will come tonight searching for you. Until then, I will show you a hiding place where you can hide,” said the dog.

The baby bear agreed to dog’s plan and went hiding in a nearby bush.

In the night, as the dog predicted, the mother bear came looking for her missing child. The dog saw the mother bear and told her that baby bear was safe. The dog showed the mother bear the hiding place. The mother bear was happy to find her baby.

“I don’t know how to thank you, Mr. Dog. You saved my body,” said the mother bear, and she returned to the forest with her baby. The baby bear waved at the dog. The dog waved back happily and went to sleep.

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