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Disgusting Rooster And The Cow

You dirty fellow eating worms?

A cow saw a rooster. The cow was curious about what the rooster was doing, walking here and there. The cow wondered why the rooster dipped its head into the ground.

“Hey, Mr. Rooster. I am curious about what you are doing, digging the ground. What are you doing?” asked the cow.

“Oh, I am just picking up the worms to eat my breakfast from the ground. Worms are my best food,” said the rooster.

“Oh, that’s disgusting. Look at me. I will eat only green grass,” said the cow.

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You are free to eat anything you like. I eat worms because I find them tasty. That is the food God gives me. There are plenty here in the ground. For you, it’s grass God wants you to eat. If all the animals are eating grass, then there won’t be any grass left for your cows. Please stop judging others by what they are eating,” said the rooster.

“Um, that’s right. I never thought about it. Go ahead, eat the worms to your heart’s content,” said the cow.

“Here I go!” the rooster picked a long worm with its beak and gulped it at once. The cow smiled and continued grazing in the meadow.

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