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Crododile And The Lion

Glad to meet you, Mr. Croc

One day, the crocodile was lying on the riverside to feel the hot sun, with its mouth wide opened. A lion came that way.

“Hey, bro, why are you in the land? You are supposed to be under water?” asked the curious lion.

“I come here often to get my teeth cleaned by the dentist birds. It’s not a free service. They will get their food from my mouth. I am waiting for them,” said the crocodile.

“Oh, I see. I know that you are also a predator like me. But how do you catch animals from under the water?” asked the curious lion.

“Oh, that’s so simple, Mr. Lion. Every time an animal comes to drink water, I keep an eye on that animal from under the water. At the right time, I grab the animal by its leg and drag it down under the water to make a kill. Today, I had a fat buffalo. It was delicious,” said the crocodile.

“Wow, that’s so easy. Look at me! I have to run here and there to hunt. Most of the time, I won’t get anything. If you don’t mind, I would like to come down under the water to catch animals like you,” said the lion.

“You are most welcome,” said the crocodile.

The lion dived into the river. But it was the most foolish thing lion did ever in its life. Under the water, he struggled for breath. He couldn’t come up and died under the water.

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