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Crocodile Invitation

You are cordially invited for the party!

A crocodile resting on the forest saw an elephant.

“Um, this guy has a lot of flesh in their body,” the crocodile had a wicked plan in its mind when it saw the elephant.

“Hey, Elephant, why not join us for a party tonight. If you are interested, come to the river. Don’t take anybody with you. We crocodiles are arranging a great party, especially for you,” said the crocodile.

The elephant was excited by the offer. It loved parties very much. How can it ignore such an invitation from a well-wisher?

“Oh, Thank you my friend. I will surely come,” said the elephant.

It was night, and the elephant went to the party without telling other elephant where he was going. After walking for a few miles, it was near the river.

“Let me give them a surprise. I will hide somewhere here before I make a dramatic appearance,” the elephant said to himself.

Hiding behind the tree, the elephant could see the crocodiles swimming in the river talking to each other.

“Hey, buddy, thank you for the party. We are excited to know that you are throwing us a party on elephant meat,” said one of the crocodiles to the crocodile who invited the elephant.

“Ha, ha, that fool elephant believed everything I said to him. He will be here anytime. Be ready to drag his feat to take him underwater,” said the crocodile.

The elephant was shocked to hear that. It couldn’t hold back its tears.

“How can a friend cheat like this?” he thought. The elephant went back.

Meanwhile, the crocodiles in the river lost their patience without seeing the elephant. They attacked the croc, who promised them elephant meat and killed it.

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