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Confessions Of A Bored Zoo Giraffe

Wow, Who is coming?

I am a zoo giraffe, bored today as the zoo is closed for visitors for some maintenance work. I am the only one giraffe here, brought from Africa. Living as a zoo giraffe is not that interesting, but still I like it for various good reasons. There are a number of visitors vising the zoo every day. I love to see visitors, especially kids are equally excited like me. Standing tall, I have to bow my neck to talk to them. Everyday I got to see a lot of kids with wide opened eyes seeing a Giraffe for their first time in their life. My long neck helps me to eat leaves of high trees, which is indeed a blessing for me.

Past is Past

I have been in this zoo for a couple of years. Before that, I was freely roaming in the wilderness of Africa.  I had a lot of freedom there, but needed to be in constant alert.  Lions and other wild animals are hunting us for their food. Also, there are human hunters with their guns looking for animals like us to kill, but not for food. I have a long and flexible neck that helps me a lot in finding food. I have an appetite to eat anything leafy and green. When are you coming to the zoo, so that we can meet?

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