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Cats Of Daisy

Wow, you got a friend. Go and befriend her.

Whiskers was Daisy’s pet cat. Wherever Daisy goes, whiskers accompanies her. Daisy is always seen with Whiskers following her. They had been together since Whiskers was just a tiny kitten.

But lately, Daisy had noticed that Whiskers seemed to be carrying a heavy burden of sadness. His once playful and lively nature had dimmed, leaving Daisy concerned and puzzled.

One day, Daisy took Whiskers to the park, thinking that a stroll in the park would make Whiskers feel better.

In the park, Whiskers met another cat.  The cat had a mischievous twinkle in its eyes, and Daisy could tell it was full of energy and playfulness. Whisker had a great time with the other cat and played together.

Daisy understood why Whiskers was feeling sad because he had no cat friends to play with. Daisy bought another cat. Now Whisker is happy. Both the cats became friends in no time. Now they play every day, run everywhere, together the cats make every attempt to make Daisy laugh.

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