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Bull On A Tiger

Stay out of our territory

The bull was disturbed to see the tiger in its territory. It was determined to fight the tiger out of the bull’s territory. 

“Why are you here? Don’t you know we bulls don’t like tigers roaming in our territory,” said the bull

But the tiger sat there, ignoring the bull, but its eyes were fixed on the bull. The bull was frightened by the staring tiger.

“Hey, I was just kidding. Please be here,” said the bull, and ran away from the tiger. Suddenly the tiger got up and started chasing the bull. The bull ran as fast as it could. 

Luckily, the bull found his friends on the lakeside. The tiger was just behind the bull. When his friends saw the bull chased by the tiger, they got alerted. The bull soldiers got ready. The tiger saw a crowd of bulls around him. He found himself in a dangerous situation. The bulls charged the tiger. The badly injured and numbed back to its den.

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