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Bull Fight

Hello, you are a mighty bull!

The predator lion saw a bull. The bull was a mighty one.

“It’s dangerous to strike an attack on this bull straight because he is stronger than me. So I’ll play a trick by luring the bull to my friends so that we all can combine our forces to kill the bull,” thought the lion.

The bull came running to the lion to chase the lion out. But the lion smiled and said.

“Hello friend, I was admiring your strong muscles. I think you are the strongest bull in your community. Am I right?” asked the lion.

“You are right, Mr. Lion. I am the strong one in my community. Do you want proof?” asked the bull.

“If you can prove that you are the strongest bull, I can tell my friends about you,” said the lion.

Bull Fight

The bull called another bull and provoked him for a fight. The other bull was also strong one who was easily provoked by the challenge. Both bulls started fighting. It was a fierce battle to win the “Strongest Bull” title. Other bulls grazing in the nearby meadow also gathered to see the bullfight.

The bullfight lasted for a long. Both the bulls were injured in the fight. Other bulls left the place, leaving the two bulls still fighting.

Time for a grant feast!

By that time, the lion had gathered his friends for a feast. The fighting bulls were panting for breath. The lions conquered the bulls, who couldn’t resist the lion’s attack because they were too weak to fight. The lions had a fantastic feast on the bulls.

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