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This Bird Saves Small Animals From Predators

A fox is coming on your way, baby!

This bird always tries to help small animals on the ground from predators. From the tree, the bird could see everything happening on the ground.

One day, the bird saw a small rabbit hopping around. It was a cute baby rabbit. Nobody was around. The bird saw a fox and sensed danger.

“Hey, baby, look here. A fox has spotted you. Hide in that hole,” the bird pointed to a big hole in the tree she was sitting.

The baby rabbit went hiding in the hole. In no time, the fox was there. It couldn’t find the rabbit anywhere.

“Where that silly rabbit vanished?” the fox said to himself. Then he saw the bird sitting on the tree.

“Hey, bird, I know you helped the baby rabbit. Tell me, where you hid the rabbit?. Anyway, I am going to find the rabbit,” said the fox.

“Ok then, you find the rabbit,” the bird challenged the fox.

The fox took up that challenge and looked for the rabbit everywhere but missed the hole the rabbit was hiding. The fox couldn’t find the rabbit and went home disappointed.

The baby rabbit thanked the bird for helping him and went home happy.

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