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Brave Dog And The Bear

You should not stay here any longer. Or I'll have to bark out!

“Children are sleeping. Let me take a look around to make sure that all is ok,” the dog said to himself as he walked around the house.

  “Hey, who’s there, trying to hide?” the dog shouted.

  It was a bear trying to hide from the dog. Because of its large body, the bear couldn’t hide himself from the eyes of the dog.

  “Oh, I’m just a passerby. I was going through your place and stopped to say hello,” said the cunning bear in an effort to befriend the bear. The brown bear was out of the woods to steal food from the villagers.

  “You look suspicious to me. Being a police dog, I could sense that you have come here not with the right intention. Better you leave this place, or I’ll have to bark to let the village know that you’ve come,” the dog issued a stern warning to the bear.

    The bear didn’t want the villagers to know that he was there. If they spot him, it could mean trouble. “Ok, ok, I am going. Why should you bark and waste your energy,” said the bear as it vanished into the forest.

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