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Brave Cat And The Monster Rat

Come out, you scoundrel!

The Big Cat Bad Reputation

All the rats feared the big cat. The big cat who never spared any rats on his way had a bad reputation among the rat community of being the toughest predator.  One day, while roaming around, the big cat heard a strange noise from under the bridge.

“Hey, who’s making that noise. Stop it, or you will have to face the dire consequences,” the cat loudly declared. The big cat had no idea from where the sound was coming. “Maybe it’s a monster?” the very thought of a monster sent shivers through the cat’s mind. He had heard many stories of cruel monsters who eat cats from his grandmother.

The rat, who was hidden inside a big hole under the bridge the cat was standing, continued to make that strange noise. The rat was actually crumbing something with its sharp teeth. The cat looked around and ran away. The rats laughed at the speed the cat was running. “Um, see how fast the brave cat is running!” one of them exclaimed.

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