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Birds Of A Sunset

Honey, you look too tired!

It was a beautiful sunset, two parrots are back after a long day to the comfort of their beautiful nest. “We are doing a great job in keeping the nature clean,” the male bird said. “Yes, I agree, but we are not being rewarded by humans,” the female bird complained.

“People are not appreciating the job we are doing for them. They think the life of a bird is just flying around and ruin the corps. They are not seeing the great job we are doing to keep the environment clean and tidy. Our job of helping seeds to pollinate and stuff like that is never considered by people. Isn’t there enough reasons for people to appreciate us?” the female bird said.

The male bird agreed. “Hopefully, we will be rewarded soon,” he said. They saw a flash of light from the ground. It was a hunter aiming his gun at them. They immediately flew away from the tree. The birds had a narrow escape from the bullet. “Is this the way we are rewarded?” the female bird asked the male bird. He had no answer!

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