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Bird And The Tiger Cub

Son, I will help you!

One day, a little bird named Mili fluttered through the forest when she noticed a tiger cub walking alone, looking worried.

“Hey there, little one, where are you coming from?” Mili asked the cub.

“I’ve lost my way back home,” replied the tiger cub, his voice trembling. “I’m trying to find my way back.”

“It’s good that I saw you,” said Mili. “There are some bad bears out there. Stay here; this is the safest place for you. I’ll find your mother and bring her back.”

The tiger cub nodded, and Mili flew off to find the cub’s mother. After a while, the little bird found the mother tiger roaming around and moaning loudly, clearly distressed.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Tiger. Your son is safe. Come with me, and I’ll show you where he is,” Mili said reassuringly.

The mother tiger followed Mili, who led her to the tree where the tiger cub was waiting. Upon seeing his mother, the cub ran to her and hugged her tightly. The mother tiger licked her son affectionately, tears of relief in her eyes.

“If it weren’t for your help, my son might have fallen into the hands of those bad bears,” the mother tiger said gratefully to Mili.

They thanked Mili for her great help and headed back home. The tiger cub grew up to be a strong and brave adult tiger, always remembering the kindness of the little bird. Inspired by Mili’s actions, he made it a point to help others in trouble whenever he could.

The story spread through the forest, teaching all the animals that helping others in need is always rewarding, often in ways one might never expect.

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