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Riding Safe Without A Brake

I love this ride!

Let’s Go For A Ride

Here is a bear pedaling happily. On the way, he saw a cat who asked him for a lift. “Do you want to come with me?” the bear asked. “Yes, I had love to ride with you,” said the cat.

The bear gave the cat a lift.  “Wow, it’s a great experience,” the cat said to the bear. Bear and the cat sang songs along the way. Soon they reached the top of the mountain. From there, they could see the whole city under them.

Now they started coming down. The cycle was going fast. Hey, please apply the brakes, screamed the cat. What? My bicycle has no brakes. Oops, we are going to have a crash landing said the cat. The bicycle was going at its top speed. “Hey, I don’t know how to stop this dam thing,” said the bear. “I see a sand dune there. Please turn the bicycle in that direction,” said the cat.

The bear turned the bicycle to the sand dune. The speed of the cycle came down suddenly. Hitting the sand dune cycle stopped. “Wow, we made it. Thanks for your help,” said the bear. Both the animals laughed at the adventure they had. “I have to fit the brake, and we’ll go again,” said the bear. “Sure, we’ll go,” the cat agreed.

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